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The Science of SFT

Somatic Functional Therapy™ (SFT), founded in 1987, is a research-proven, educational-therapeutic system, shown in clinical trials to resolve pain, reduce stress and improve stress-related conditions. SFT-based health and wellness programs have been tested for over 10 years at a major healthcare system and with large employer groups, and found to be effective for prevention, wellness, pain resolution and disease management.

SFT™ is based on the research that shows that stress is a major cause of chronic pain and illness.  SFT is a clinically-proven system that retrains the brain to resolve pain and other conditions resulting from neuro-psychophysical responses to stress.


The retraining of the brain combines interactive SFT protocols with unique lessons on improving functional wellbeing, including ergonomics, mindful movement, and stress interventions that are seamlessly integrated into people’s lifestyles in just minutes a day.

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