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Our Pride, Our Testimonials 

Resolution of Frozen Shoulder, Chronic Pain, Sleep Problems

Before your program I was in constant pain even after ‘manipulation under anesthesia’ for a frozen shoulder.  I was exhausted every day and afraid that I would never ride my bike again, which I love doing both for exercise and for relaxation.  Only two weeks after the program started I felt so much better that I rode my bike for 20 miles two days in a row.  I had so much more energy because I was sleeping better!

There is one somatic routine later in the program which completely restored my range of motion. I did it ONCE then had complete range of motion.  I went to work and showed my co-workers how I could move my arm and they were both surprised and impressed!  As soon as I start to feel any restriction in motion I do this routine first.  I’m very happy that I attended your program for the benefits that I received.  I expect to be fully capable of riding my bike and doing all my other daily activities without pain. 


I very much hope that the data you collect helps convince other companies to offer the program so you can help even more people.

Thank you very much,

Dr. K. | The Dow Chemical Company


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