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SFT Webinar

Nursing, Stress & the Covid Crisis

Being a nurse is a tough job as it is. COVID-19 has escalated the demands beyond belief. Whether they’re on the front lines, working in other areas, or have been furloughed, nurses are experiencing high levels of stress, which lead to stress-related conditions including sleep problems, anxiety, depression, pain, and even PTSD.


Fear of this surreal situation is understandable and reasonable for both you and your family. This is in direct conflict with a different kind of F.E.A.R. that nurses possess:

Fidelity to serve the patients

Engaged to meet the challenges head-on, Allegiance to other team members, and Reliable to get the job done.


Fear activates the stress response (Fight-Flight-Freeze). Fighting a hidden enemy does not seem possible. Fleeing is not an option for those in the dedicated nursing profession. Freezing “like a deer in headlights” is just not what nurses do.

The alternative is to healthfully ADAPT to the crisis. We all have that ability. It’s a matter of learning to tap into the solution in a simple, easy, and effective Whole New Way.

In this Free Webinar You Will:

  • Achieve a new understanding of stress: Is it good, bad, necessary?

  • Discover Somatic Functional Therapy (SFT), how it relates to stress and how it applies to you personally and professionally.

  • Experience SFT immediate results in stress, pain and stiffness.

  • Learn how to break the Stress, Pain, Disease Cycle: What you can do starting now to impact your stress, pain and other stress-related issues.

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*Due to demand, all webinar sessions are currently closed. However, please register and let us know what times work best, so that we can schedule new sessions and notify you.


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